Farewell Orphan Black {A Thank You}


After 5 seasons, 50 episodes and an infinite number of amazing characters the wonderful series that is Orphan Black came to a tearful (on my part) end on August 12th 2017. Β It’s never easy to say goodbye to a show you’ve watched for 5 years, but somehow with Orphan Black seeing it end broke a little piece off my heart.

Orphan Black will forever hold a special place in my heart for many reasons, the biggest being that it was a Canadian show. Not only was it filmed in Canada (specifically Toronto), but a lot (if not most) of the cast are Canadian. Believe it or not a show this Canadian is insanely hard to find, and to see how far it spanned the earth in popularity makes me so proud of everyone involved.

While boasting a great deal of feminism, and LGBT positivity, at its core this series is about family. What’s funny is I don’t think the creators imagined the family they created for the series would expand to become the fandom affectionately known as the Clone Club. Part of what makes saying farewell to this series so hard is that I’m saying it not just to the series but to the fans I shared the last 5 years with.. the Clone Club.


There is so much I wish I could rant and rave about in this post, but honestly none of it would make sense to those unfamiliar with the show. So all I will say is I highly recommend you check out Orphan Black if you haven’t already. It is full to the brim of powerful, strong, independent, stubborn, intelligent women (a lot of them played by one equally amazing actress) and some pretty fantastic men as well.

This is my feeble attempt to put into words how thankful I am for this show and the many people who were involved in every tiny aspect of it. From the cast, crew, set designers, make up teams, costume designers.. this show could not have become what it was without each and every one of you brilliantly wonderful people. Thank you for 5 years of amazing characters, a fantastic story and so so much more. We will always have Clone Club. β™₯