Hi there! My name is Melissa (Lissa or Mel are viable options too) I am a college graduate of Veterinary Assistance, and a self-proclaimed book addict. I have chosen to dedicate my time to travelling to worlds on the edge of reality without leaving the comfort and safety of home. My genre of choice is Young Adult (YA) Fantasy, Dystopian or Paranormal, but I am open to reading a wide variety of genres, yes even contemporary!

If you’ve been told by friends, or maybe even family, that you are obsessive about something.. well you found a kindred spirit in me! I also have a personality that results in one too many obsessions. Thankfully that’s where a world full of books come in handy am I right?!

When I’m not reading a book you can be almost guaranteed that I will be watching something (I have a lot of shows to choose from at the moment), the most likely culprits for the distraction are Doctor Who, Sherlock, The Blacklist and so many more.


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