Fandoms I’m No Longer In {T5W}

When I learned what this weeks Top 5 Wednesday topic was I couldn’t resist, I had to see if I could come up with five things I’m no longer invested in. Honestly I’m not the type to abandon things so coming up with 5 fandoms was difficult..

V. Throne of Glass

This is a bit of a cheat as I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself apart of the Throne of Glass fandom, but I’m including it anyways (#rebel). But seeing as I have read 4 of the books and the novella bind up I can safely say I’m no longer “apart” of the fandom.

The reason being is purely because I’m not a fan of the books. Yes, I’ve gotten momentary enjoyment out of them while I was reading each book, and I can see why people are such huge fans, but for me I’ve never been fully invested in the plot or with the characters.

IV. Fast and Furious

fast-and-furious-7This one is disappointing. The films are full of ridiculously impossible stunts, but they were always just a bit of fun and had a cast of characters I loved. However since the unexpected death of Paul Walker in 2013 and I went to see his last ride in theatres..  I’ve left the fandom.

I know what you’re thinking.. why? After the seventh film was released in 2015 I was satisfied with the way things were concluded. But then news surfaced of an eighth film and I couldn’t stand the thought of the franchise continuing on without Paul Walker involved. So while I may someday eventually end up seeing the eighth film I’m 100% no longer in the fandom. It’s just not the same without Paul.

III. Arrow

arrow-season-3-posterI loved the television show Arrow, it was exactly what I needed to fill my superhero loving heart. But then they started adding way too many spin off shows that needed to be watched because the plot lines all slightly connected or there would be crossover episodes and I couldn’t do it anymore. I had to stop.

Everything was fine after they added The Flash, but once they added D.C. Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl I called it quits. I was not about to spend all my free time trying to watch four shows just because I wanted to watch the original one I started with.

If things would have stayed with just Arrow and The Flash who knows maybe I’d still be in this fandom, but since they chose to make it a four piece connected show I don’t see myself ever picking up where I left off.

II. The Vampire Diaries

f9d467b0ac020423b481b2a923c54e99When I saw the topic for T5W this show was the first thing I thought of for fandoms I’m no longer in.. and it works for both the books and the show, but mainly the show as I quit the books a LONG time ago.

I adored Vampire Diaries when it started back in 2009, I watched it every week for years and then things started to go downhill. I can’t even pinpoint a specific time when I feel things started going to shit but my feelings were confirmed after Nina Dobrev left the series at the end of season six. The only reason I’m even going to bother watching the last season is because I’m unwilling to leave it unfinished.. just waiting on Netflix to add season eight so I can marathon the final season.

I. Once Upon a Time

fbe5a07030e2faa110a17876c1f993b6I’m still annoyed about what has happened with this particular show.. I took a hiatus from Once Upon a Time when season six started, but was fully planning on picking it up when the season finished and binge watching it. But then I heard that basically the entire cast has jumped ship and how season six ended.. let’s just say I’m not impressed.

Knowing what I know is going to happen from this point on I’m not even going to bother watching season six. In my opinion when the showrunners found out all but THREE of the main cast were leaving they should have made the decision to end at six seasons. I’m calling it now, season seven of Once Upon a Time is going to be the end and it will be brutal. (Can you tell I’m salty about this?)

So there’s my Top 5 Fandoms I’m no longer in. It’s so hard trying to think of fandoms when you watch and read so much stuff every year. What’s a fandom you left? Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Fandoms I’m No Longer In {T5W}

    • The only one of the books I’ve read so far that I liked was Heir of Fire.. the rest I found average 😬 Queen of Shadows took a different direction than I was expecting.

      It’s a conflicted feeling haha


      • ACOTAR is so much better than ToG in my opinion.. I think it all breaks down to how I’m not attached to any of the ToG characters, so I’m not compelled to find out what happens next.

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