Tome Topple 2017 {Round 3 TBR}

For those of you who may not know Tome Topple is a readathon that is taking place from midnight April 7th to 11:59pm April 20th (all in your time zone) where you pick up those intimidating books or graphic novels that are 500+ pages. The only rule to Tome Topple is books must be 500+ pages and bind ups don’t count as each separate book must be at least 500 pages. However, omnibuses will count for graphic novels.


  1. Read more than one tome.
  2. Read a graphic novel.
  3. Read a tome that is part of a series.
  4. Buddy read a tome.
  5. Read an adult novel.

You don’t have to follow these challenges, they are more like guidelines to help you decide on your TBR or to help you get through the chunky books that may require a bit more motivation. There is a GoodReads group for Tome Topple where discussions will happen and where you can find a list of books/ graphic novels that meet the 500+ page minimum. Tome Topple can also be found on Twitter, where reading sprints will be held and buddies can be found for buddy reads.


Tome Topple TBR

This is my first ever attempt at a readathon.. yes, I chose to start with round 3 of Tome Topple – go big or go home right? I’m already a painfully slow reader so I have no idea how this will work or how much I will actually manage to read but I figured since Tome Topple is more about the number of pages you read opposed to number of books it was a great fit for my first readathon attempt.

My TBR is tentative, like I said I’m not sure how much I’ll actually manage to read but if by some miracle I finish even one book this is my go-to list for a TBR:

My definite reads are going to be Queen of Shadows and Strange the Dreamer, but I only just ordered a copy of Strange the Dreamer so if I don’t have it before the readathon ends (and I miraculously manage to finish QoS) The Mime Order and Beauty of Darkness are my backups.

Well.. that’s all folks. If you have any questions or are unsure about anything check out Thoughts on Tomes video! Sam is one of the hosts for Tome Topple and is more qualified that I am to answer your questions haha.

If you are joining Tome Topple next month let me know your TBR in the comments or send me a tweet on Twitter (follow me @rabidwhite), I’d love to know! ♥


12 thoughts on “Tome Topple 2017 {Round 3 TBR}

  1. EEEE I see Strange xD I was going to join in with the tome topple but it clashes with another readathon I’m doing 😦 I may be able to combine the two though… hmm things to think about XD

    I still need to read The Bone Season but I loved Strange even though it takes a little to get used to the world building and I loved QoS 🙂 Hope you get to enjoy all of these books next month!

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  2. I found out about Tome Topple last week and I really want to participate! I’m trying to figure out my TBR right now. 🙂 Your TBR looks great! I really enjoyed Beauty of Darkness.

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