10 Day TBR {IX}

Day 9: Recommended Reads

I love getting recommendations, that is part of why I love the bookish community. But I admit that when it comes to recommendations I’m very selective with what recommendations I add to my TBR. These are the gems I have been recommended and made its way onto the never ending list:

by Naomi Novik

I have heard nothing but good things about Uprooted, but for some reason I never added it to my TBR until Angie (bookwormfeelings) sent me a recommendation for it on GoodReads. I have a sneaky suspicion this book could climb the ranks as one of my favourites if I would just set aside my desire to have this gorgeous edition hahaha.. but that’s the sacrifice we book lovers make right? Prolong reading something purely for the beautiful editions!


by Christina Henry

My dear friend Taylor (TaylorMaeMarie) raves about this book constantly, and I mean constantly! Apparently it’s an exceptionally dark retelling of Alice in Wonderland. All my friends know one thing about me and that’s my love for Alice retellings, the creepier the better. Can you really blame me for that though? I mean, the story of Alice in Wonderland just has so much potential to be dark and scary that I have to read them all to find the perfect retelling.


by Amy A. Bartol

Inescapable was recommended to me by my friend Jordan (FridaysAndBooks). I think she knew my desire to discover another angel series when she recommended this because when I read the synopsis I got a very Hush, Hush (Becca Fitzpatrick) impression and if it is anything like Hush, Hush then I know Reed Wellington will charm his potentially arrogant self into the very depths of my heart.

I feel unprepared to start this series.. thankfully I’ve got time to mentally prepare myself!

The Unexpected Everything17838528
by Morgan Matson

Getting recommended The Unexpected Everything by Lola (HitOrMissBooks) solidified the fact that I needed to read a Morgan Matson book, but I didn’t want to start off by reading her most recent release so I waited until my birthday and bought Since You’ve Been Gone. Until I read SYBG I’m leaving TUE on my TBR and depending on how I found SYBG I may or may not read The Unexpected Everything.

I’m sincerely hoping I like Morgan Matson because I really need to find myself a contemporary author I can consider autobuy to help me out of my reading slumps.

Can you believe that tomorrow is the last day for 10 Day TBR?! I can hardly believe I managed to post for nine consecutive days… I hope to see you tomorrow on the last day πŸ˜‰


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