10 Day TBR {VIII}

Day 8: BIG Books

The qualifications of a BIG book varies from person to person, for me any book 600 pages or more is considered a big book. This year my goal was to read more large, possibly intimidating books, and I haven’t exactly met that goal. Here a most (if not all) the BIG books I have on my TBR:

Anna Karenina153
by Leo Tolstoy

I have wanted to read this book since I read Nicholas Sparks’ The Last Song… and I still have yet to read the bloody thing. Why? It’s Anna freaking Karenina that’s why. It isn’t the number of pages (817 for those wondering) but the fact that it is one of the most known Russian classics in the world. For that fact alone I’m hesitant to read it, despite my desire to do so. One day I will tackle this beast!


6547258The Final Empire
by Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson is one fantasy author I’ve heard so much praise for since I started my Bookstagram and all over BookTube too. I ordered a copy of the UK paperback last year and ever since then The Final Empire taunts me with its beauty on a daily basis. I can hear it whispering to me.. READ ME! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!



by Diana Gabaldon

Originally I wanted to read the book before I started the tv show, but I was so unsure I wanted to read Outlander that I just randomly started the show one night and oh my lord is the show fantastic!! Because I enjoyed the first season of the show so much I now want to read the book, and thankfully Amazon had the first book on sale one day a few months ago so I don’t have to hunt down the trade paperback or suffer the tiny tragic font that is the mass market paperback. Not entirely sure when I’ll get to this, but I can already feel the burning stare of people wanting me to read this immediately!

62291A Storm of Swords
by George R.R. Martin

Last year I read the first two book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series and it is my mission in life to read the third book before 2016 is over. I promise you I will read this beast of a book this year! Starting the ASoIaF series was a big decision as this series is not for the faint of heart, I’m hell bent and determined to complete the series (it would help if George R.R. Martin would hurry up and release the sixth book already).

Have you read this monster series?

The Black Prism30693742
by Brent Weeks

You can thank Regan (PeruseProject on BookTube) for this recent addition to my TBR. She’s been raving about it for at weeks if not months now, and I finally decided to listen to her and bought the eBook. Which was fated to be as during my internal struggle making the decision to get the book Amazon had it on sale for $2.99 (CDN). Now it is just a matter of taking the time to read it hehehe. Can you tell 2016 was the year of wanting to year big fantasy books?


I’m trying to stamp out the instinct to be intimidated by big fantasy books, so if you have ANY recommendations I would love to hear them. I can already imagine one suggestion would be for The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss πŸ˜‰

Eight days in.. wow, I didn’t actually think I would survive ten days of consecutive posts. I’m certainly making up for lost posts with this series eh? Hahaha


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