10 Day TBR {IV}

Day 4: Cover Love

It’s hard to resist a stunning cover I won’t lie to you… but I try really hard not to buy books solely based on the cover. However, I admit that more often than not I fail hard when it comes to resisting that stunning irresistible cover art. The following are a few (cos lets face it there are too many gorgeous covers in the world to narrow it down) of the books I’ve added to my TBR because of their covers:

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer8591107
by Michelle Hodkin

I originally read The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer a few years ago and loved it. For some insane reason I never continued on with the trilogy… since it has been a few years since reading the first book (and now that I own the entire trilogy) I want to reread it and finally continue on with the series. I distinctly remember how the ending of this book made me feel – I wanted to toss it across the room. I hope it has the same affect on me when I get around to rereading it!


25897757The May Queen Murders
by Sarah Jude

I realized back in May that I’m terrible at looking for new releases, so I set myself a goal of finding a couple new releases and that’s when I found The May Queen Murders. The cover is absolutely stunning, I could look at it for days. By the sounds of the synopsis the small town of Rowan’s Glen has it’s history of secrets and when Ivy’s best friend goes missing she starts to uncover just how many secrets it has. I love a good mystery.


The Darkest Part of the Forest20958632
by Holly Black

If this isn’t the definition of cover love then I don’t know what is… just look at it! I haven’t heard much about The Darkest Part of the Forest except I believe it has fairies in it and siblings that battle or defeat the fairies. Maybe – have you read The Darkest Part of the Forest? If you have I would love some non-spoilery opinions 🙂

But seriously though.. just look at that cover ♥ it’s absolutely gorgeous. Is it possible to be envious of a books beauty?

by Susan Dennard

Truthwitch came out in January, and I admit that I was beyond excited, to the point I even preordered it so I would have it on release day. However, after a good chunk of people had read and reviewed it I had begun to hear mixed opinions causing me to hesitate in picking it up. I will eventually read it, I’m just hoping that when I do my opinion won’t be influenced by the opinions of others.

In the mean time, isn’t that cover amazing? The cover for the sequel is even better!

Shatter Me17177392
by Tahereh Mafi

I am in love with the new editions for the Shatter Me trilogy, they are some of the best covers I’ve ever seen. I know, I know! This trilogy is so old how have I not read it yet? Seeing as I prefer to have hardback books instead of paperback I was determined to find these editions in hardback. However, I’ve come to realize they don’t come in hardback 😦 only in paperback. I think? If you can confirm that these editions are not available in hardback I would appreciate it greatly!


I know we are always told never to judge a book by its cover but sometimes they make it really difficult not to judge it based solely on the cover. Honestly I’m a believer that a good cover can make or break the sale of a book, what do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for joining me for Day 4 of the 10 Day TBR series 😀 we are nearly half way through already can you believe it?!


13 thoughts on “10 Day TBR {IV}

  1. The May Queen Murders cover is amazing! I also added it to my TBR only because of cover art, but I read some negative reviews about the story, and now I’m not really excited about that book.

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