10 Day TBR {II}

Day 2: Stand Alone

Sometimes you just don’t want to commit to a trilogy or that eight book series on your TBR list… that my friend is where the amazing stand alone comes into play! Personally I prefer a series of any length because I find myself always wanting more from a stand alone novel, but I can’t deny that they have their charms. Here are a few on my TBR:

City of Savages18300869
by Lee Kelly

This book has been on my TBR for a few years now, mainly because it was a struggle to find. I couldn’t find physical editions of the book for sale anywhere and when I finally did they were ridiculously expensive. Until one day I discovered it on sale for something like $1.99 (CDN) on Amazon and I one-click purchased that sucker so fast. Oddly enough I still haven’t read it yet.. I can’t figure out why I haven’t yet. I should really prioritize this book and read it soon instead of having it rot on my Kindle unread and unloved.

by Lily Paradis

Same instance as with City of Savages, this potentially amazing book has sat on my TBR for far too long purely because I cannot for the life of me find it for sale anywhere. I’m praying it hits the sale section on Amazon so I can nab it and finally read it cos honestly it sounds so bloody good! The initial thing that caught my interest was the Empire State building on the cover – if you don’t already know I’ve got a love for all things New York (despite never actually having been there before).


The Way I Used to Be25785649
by Amber Smith

I originally read the synopsis for The Way I Used to Be because of the gorgeous cover, but once I read the synopsis I knew I had to read it someday. I don’t see enough books about the topic of rape very often, and I know it must be a difficult one to write or even read about but I believe it is a topic that needs to be talked about more often. I’m very curious to see how this difficult topic is written about and I only hope that it is done correctly.


23492533Swear on This Life
by Renee Carlino

I first saw this book in a giveaway on Twitter a week or so ago, and was intrigued by the cover and title. Once I read the synopsis I was instantly curious, and who wouldn’t be? Two authors, one writes a book that is the life story of the other with some creative liberties – then throw in the twist that both authors were once childhood friends that lost touch. I’m hooked already and I can’t even read it because I don’t have a copy!


The Leaving26073074
by Tara Altebrando

Six children were taken, eleven years later five come back with no memory of where they’ve been.

That one sentence in the synopsis was enough to make me add this to my TBR and I didn’t even need to read the rest of the synopsis. Mystery/ thrillers are another hit or miss genre but one that I’m more willing to jump into head first because I love that feeling you get when reading or watching a thriller.


That was Day 2 of my 10 Day TBR series πŸ˜‰ hopefully you left here adding at least one of these books to your own TBR, if you did let me know which one caught your attention the most down below in the comments. See you tomorrow!


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