10 Day TBR {I}

Day 1: Contemporary

Contemporary is the hardest genre for me to really get into, partially because when I read I prefer to escape reality and hide away in worlds with dragons and other fantastical creatures or beings. The genre is simply too close to reality for me to fully enjoy but I’m always on the hunt for a contemporary author I can go to when I feel like reading from this genre, however I have still yet to find one! These are a few of the contemporary books I have the intention of someday reading πŸ™‚

18460392All the Bright Places
by JenniferΒ Niven

Honestly, I can’t even remember how or when I came across this book… but even after a couple of TBR clear-outs All the Bright Places remains as one of the few YA Contemporary books I want to read. Hopefully it won’t be on my next TBR clear-out! Sadly YA Contemporary is a hit or miss genre for me, but the GoodReads synopsis suggests that fans of Rainbow Rowell and John Green will enjoy this book.

Have you read All the Bright Places? If yes, what did you think of it… worth the read?

Night Owls25327818
by Jenn Bennett

Night Owls is a case of the cover love at first sight.

Apparently it involves a bus, San Francisco, a charming and attractive graffiti artist and potentially a case of a broken heart. I don’t know how many people have read it, but one Booktuber I watch did a review on it and somehow again this contemporary book managed to survive my clear-outs when other contemporaries were kicked to the curb.


18189606Since You’ve Been Gone
by Morgan Matson

With the not-so-recent release of Morgan Matson’s latest novel, The Unexpected Everything, I’ve been wanting to give her work a try and thought it best to start with one of her older novels. Since You’ve Been Gone sounds like it’d be something I would enjoy so with some birthday money I took a calculated risk and bought a paperback copy. The cover is very summery and I just know that soon I’ll need a contemporary to keep me from hitting a reading slump.


More Happy Than Not23719579
by Adam Silvera

I’m a sucker for a simple-yet cute cover, and More Happy Than Not hits the mark with that one. However, in this particular case the title is what made me want to pick up this novel. I have no idea what it is about as I had heard that the synopsis gives away something about the plot and I wanted to go in unaware ofΒ anything that may make the reading experience better by not knowing ahead of time.


25266817The Heartbreakers
by Ali Novak

The Heartbreakers is the first in a contemporary series, but I’m hesitant to start this one… I would go as far as to say I’m already predicting I won’t bother continuing with the series after reading it. I know! I am a terrible person — but honestly the only reason this is still on my TBR is in case I need a reading slump breaker and I already have the eBook edition on my Kindle so I may as well give it a fair chance to impress me right?


Those are some – ok most – of my contemporary books on my TBR.Β Thank you for joining me for Day 1 of my 10 Day TBR series! What contemporary reads do you have on your TBR? Tell me in the comments below, and πŸ˜€ I hope to see you tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “10 Day TBR {I}

  1. I brought “All the Bright Places” a few days ago. I’m like you, and get really get into contemporary lit, but this is also one of the few books I’ve heard fantastic things about. I also have “Since You’ve Been Gone” but I haven’t gotten to it yet… XD

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  2. All the Bright Places and Since You’ve Been Gone are on my list too!! I started More Happy than Not but at the time it wasn’t really my thing lol, idk if I’ll ever read it xD And I heard about Night Owls on instagram because it was almost one of our reads for a book club but it didn’t end up winning :/ lol xD looking forward to the next post!

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