Shadowhunters {1.04 & 1.05}

Firstly let me apologize for the delay in my “weekly” chat about the show.. I may be one day away from surviving what I have declared “the week from Hell”. Needless to say school tried to knock me down a couple of pegs, but failed!




Episode 4: Raising Hell

*dramatically tosses hands in the air* Can you guess why I just did that?! It’s no secret I’m Team Malec, they are 100% my OTP alright; this episode gave me what I wanted most which was some much needed Malec time. Okay, granted it didn’t last very long.. but it was there nonetheless. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to rewatch episode 4 a second time (which *cough* I have totally done for the previous 3 episodes) so that being the case I’m able to go into TOO much detail about the episode as a whole.

I will say that I’m very surprised by how quickly I have fallen in love with Simon. Alberto Rosende has proven to be the perfect choice for our left out best friend. Admittedly I feel like I didn’t fully appreciate Simon when I read the books and you can bet the cause of that has to do with a certain Lightwood and Warlock ;).

I will leave you with a smile that only Magnus Bane is capable of creating:


Episode 5: Moo Shu to Go

Now as for episode 5. I’ve only got one thing to say.. YOU WERE SO CLOSE! šŸ˜„ for me this episode was so painfully close to being complaint free that it kills me. I know what you’re thinking “it was totally the CGI for…” (sorry the rest of the sentence is considered a spoiler) and my answer to you is shockingly no, no it wasn’t that at all. I may have internally cringed and said “eww, could that have been any worse?” but I let it slide.

Actually it was something that while I questioned it in earlier episodes I claimed it was an error in editing or a goof.. Alec’s quiver of arrows and bow. Really? Who actually needs to carry weapons when they magically appear whenever needed. No explanation like say.. the weapons were glamoured or something, just POOF! weapons. Sorry, can you tell I’m annoyed about this? Moving on to something I loved about the episode..

ALEC! ā¤ I honestly cannot get enough of Mr. Grumpy-pants.. he is the most adorable grump on the planet. I may also be guilty of talking to my laptop when Alec knocked Clary on her ass during the sparring session.. I actually asked Alec if he felt better. Don’t judge me alright.

Like I mentioned this past week as been pretty hectic.. so I hope this dual-chat post isn’t too terrible šŸ˜› if you have an opinion on the show so far I’d love to hear it. Leave a comment below, I promise I don’t bite ā¤




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