Shadowhunters {1.03}


Episode 3: Dead Man’s Party

All I have to say is finally, the first two episodes left me feeling a little.. on the fence. This whole episode just felt right, yes it’s not without little criticisms but they aren’t enough to change my opinion on the episode as a whole.

139897_7768-900x600Last week I mentioned that I was unhappy with the performance from Clary (Katherine McNamara), it was lackluster and personally I didn’t believe that she was concerned for her best friend’s well-being in the slightest. Can we maybe blame the blonde distraction known as Jace Wayland for that? Don’t get me wrong there is still room for improvement however I did see a bit of the fire that was missing from Clary in previous episodes. I’m hopeful that from this point on the show, and the characters will begin to improve.

I’m sorry but I simply cannot resist.. I need to give my boy Alec some love this week. I ADORE GRUMPY ALEC! He is just the most adorable thing on the planet, what with his “this is a bad idea” attitude, lighten up Lightwood! Or don’t, either way is fine with me.

Criticisms.. right. Pretty much they are the same as last weeks. Only this week I have the demon powered flying motorcycle thing, which was a little unnecessary in my opinion. I’m still not sold on the “effects” used to portray the Shadowhunter’s speed and strength, but honestly I think in time I’ll get over that. One thing I am liking a lot is the “burning” effect the runes have when being drawn on, that’s actually how I envisioned the application of runes as I read the books.

I am beginning to feel like this show has potential to step away from the book series and be it’s own variation of the story/ characters I adore, and I am looking forward to the moment Magnus comes out of hiding. Seriously Bane come on.. the show is distinctly lacking in glitter. Sure we had faerie dust this week, but glitter is where it’s at.

Until next week angels πŸ˜‰







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