The Longest Ride {Review}


The Longest Ride is the movie adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks book with the same title, it was released to theatres back in the summer of 2015. I know, I know!! I’m incredibly late to the game with this one but my reason was the trailer didn’t really make me want to watch it like the other Sparks adaptations have in the past.

The whole cowboy/ country boy charm thing is cute and all but not my preference when it comes to guys or movies for that matter. But I have to admit that Scott Eastwood’s character Luke Collins won me over with his country boy charm. Personally though the game changer was Britt Robertson as Sophia Danko, I have seen her in a couple of other projects and adored her in each and every one of them. Seeing her star rise is a sight I’m very pleased to bare witness to.

The combination of a modern day love and the reminiscing of a lost love in the past was superb, Alan Alda never fails to impress. Tears were threatening to fall each time we were transported back to learn more about Ira and Ruth’s past together.


Now here’s where all the fans of Nicholas Sparks will ultimately hate me.. I have never read the book. *slowly backs away* I’m not against his book I swear, I have read four of them in total. But for some reason I just prefer contemporary stories in visual form over written.

The one thing about the movie I didn’t like is the bull riding. I hate watching people who bull ride it terrifies me when they ultimately get bucked off. Each time Luke went in the chute I started chanting “I hate it.. I hate it..” until the scene was over.

In the end I am happy I ignored my reservations about The Longest Ride as I simply adored it. Despite being unable to pick out the differences or changes between the book and the movie, or knowing whether or not they chose the right actors to portray these characters I thought it was brilliantly done and would highly recommend it.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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