Tome Topple {Round 4 Wrap Up}

..another round of Tome Topple has come and gone. With it comes the expected wrap up and discussion about how these past two weeks went in terms of reading. There was a moment where I thought I wouldn’t finish one of my tomes, but I persevered and managed to complete everything with a day to spare!

You can find the post I did for my Tome Topple TBR here.

13206828Tome Topple August 4-7:

I decided to use this round of Tome Topple to push me into finishing off The Lunar Chronicles series, so I started the readathon with Cress by Marissa Meyer. Knowing how quickly I read both Cinder and Scarlet last year I thought this was a safe decision for a 2 week readathon. Turns out I was right, as I finished Cress in four days, a day earlier than planned I will add.

To be honest I wasn’t a huge fan of the first two books in the series, and Cress wasn’t much of an improvement. The only thing that got me through this book was Thorne’s slight obnoxious charm and Jacin’s snarky attitude. Now that’s not to say the book was bad, this series just didn’t quite live up to all the hype that surrounded it after the series ended a couple years ago.

13206900Tome Topple August 8-16:

Continuing my mission to complete The Lunar Chronicles series I immediately picked up Winter.. and this is the book I thought I may not actually finish before the readathon ended on the seventeenth. It started off fine, moving at a decent pace with no pussyfooting around before moving onto the main goal of the series.. but then it started to drag out. The last 300 pages (possibly more than that) honestly were not entirely necessary.

I feel like Winter could have been 500-600 pages long and it would have had a stronger ending, instead of the 830 pages it nearly was. For the amount of build up the battle between Levana and Cinder had it was sorely disappointing and lasted for what felt like all of two seconds. Then it jumps to everyone is alive and in love.. cue stereotypical fairytale ending.

In the End:

In total I really only completed two challenges, same as last round I read more than one tome and a tome that is apart of a series. Do I sense a trend starting? Haha. There was also a grand total of 1,409 pages and I managed to finish off a series I’ve been putting off for quite some time. I consider this a major success, perhaps next round I’ll be able to read more than two tomes? We shall see!

Did you participate in Tome Topple, and if so how did you do? Let me know!